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At (club name), we like to do things differently. Our group exercise classes offer a mix of diverse exercises, expert instructors and personalised sessions to deliver maximum value.

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With a huge variety of high energy, strength, holistic and core classes to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Fitness that fits around you

We believe fitness should be flexible. That’s why our members can access hundreds of live and on-demand online workouts whenever they want.

Tailor-made for members

Our classes are small in numbers and highly personalised to ensure your unique needs are met through thoughtful choreography and expert advice and results-driven workouts.

Exceptional expertise

Our brilliant and highly qualified instructors are passionate about helping members achieve and exceed their goals.

Holistic classes

Our holistic classes offer the perfect blend of mobility, strength, flexibility and mindfulness exercises - ideal for those who want to de-stress, increase mobility in their joints, or reduce muscle tightness, restrictions and imbalances. Learn how your body can flow with movement, empowering both mind and body.

We love Pilates for building core strength and increasing mobility

Strength & conditioning

Great for muscle conditioning, our strength training classes are based on a mixture of strength training principles, from power, to endurance, to functional movement. If you're looking to change body shape, get stronger, reduce body fat and move more efficiently, these classes are for you. Discover how the power of being strong can change your life at any age.

We love Body Pump for a weights-based total body workout to increase your calorie burn


Cardio classes are focused on improving the functioning and overall health of the heart and lungs. Cardio exercises are mixed with body weight and aerobic moves, from jumping jacks to grapevines. These classes will help you feel fitter, increase your energy levels, improve lung volume capacity, increase heart strength, and burn calories. Get ready to race up those stairs without getting out of breath!

We love Body Combat for a martial arts-inspired, non-contact workout that fuels cardio fitness


Core-targeted classes are focused on core exercises that strengthen both the stomach and back muscles, giving you strength throughout your core. These exercises vary from standing to lying down with or without equipment. Core exercises are great for anyone who sits at a desk or in the car, or for anyone looking to improve their core strength, reduce back pain or movement limitations.

We love Core Conditioning for floor exercises which condition and strengthen stomach and back muscles

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Classes are 30 or 45 minutes in length

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